The Swiss Skyrunning Association is dedicated to promoting and supporting Swiss skyrunning. Thanks to the alps in the Swiss land and the morphology of the region, skyrunning is a natural sport that is intrinsic to the territory. 


From sea to sky, skyrunning spans the great outdoors, across the world’s mountain ranges…and the imagination of thousands of participants and fans. It’s a sport born in the wild, where the logic was to reach the highest peak in the shortest time from a town or village. Today it represents the peak of outdoor running defined by altitude and technicality and counts some 300 official races worldwide with more than 95,000 participants from 65 countries.

It is defined by the Federation that was formed to govern the sport, the International Skyrunning Federation, as “running in the mountains above 2,000m altitude where the climbing difficulty does not exceed II° grade and the incline is over 30%”


The Swiss Skyrunning Association was founded by Nicolao Lanfranchi and is under the ISF (International Skyrunning Federation) regulations,  the current president of the SSA is Nicolao Lanranchi. 

SSA allows Swiss athletes to represent the nation in international competitions such as World Championships and European Championships.


The management committee is headed by Nicolao Lanfranchi, SSA is in a new phase of growth.