At the Skyrunning World Youth Championships 2023, Switzerland reaches fourth place in the medal count. Several good results were achieved, first of all in the vertical CAROLINE ULRICH won a gold medal with her first place in the u23 vertical and her fourth place in the u23 skyrace also won the gold medal in the combined.

Also good in the vertical u23 was LUDOVIC LATTION with a fourth place and a solid time. Due to an ankle injury, he was unable to take part at the skyrace and was not included in the combined.

In the top15 also FRANCESCO CESCHI in the vertical u23 with a twelfth position, less well but still top20 in the u23 skyrace with an eighteenth position securing a thirteenth position in the combined.

International race debut for JONAS OLIVA, who placed 19th in the combined with two top25s in the youth B category.


At the Skyrunning World Championships 2022, Switzerland took fourth place in the country ranking and the second place in the medal counter whit 3 gold medal and 1 bronz medal

This is thanks to the results in the vertical of MAUDE MATHYS, who won the gold medal consecrating herself world vertical champion,  ALESSANDRA SCHMID who won the bronze medal, PAOLA STAMPANONI who took fifth place ,and ROBERTO DELORENZI who took eighth place.

And thanks to the skyrace results of ROBERTO DELORENZI, who won the gold medal consecrating himself skyrunning world champion, and AMELIE BERTSCHY who took eighth place.

And last but not least thanks to the gold medal won by ROBERTO DELORENZI in the combined vertical+skyrace.